The Feast of the Three Kings

 In Pastor's Notes-Fr. Ritche

The Feast of the Three Kings is traditionally the source why we give gifts during the season of Christmas.  We may recall that in the Gospel of Matthew, these men brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.   These gifts are very symbolic as we reflect on life and Jesus.  Gold symbolizes royalty, frankincense His divinity, and myrrh was used to anoint the body of Jesus on his burial.

Although the gifts are associated with the Wisemen, I believe that the Epiphany is a manifestation of God’s most precious gift to all of humanity.  That gift of course is Jesus – the Emmanuel – God-with us!

What is interesting to note is how the Wisemen received the gift of the Holy Child.  Matthew tells us that the Wisemen went home taking a different route for fear of Herod.  I think there is more to that.  For the Wisemen, there was no need to go back to Herod because they have been transformed by what they received.  Filled with joy they went home to share the good news to their people.  That is the deeper meaning of Epiphany.

As we near the end of the Christmas season the question is how are we going to allow ourselves to be transformed by the Father’s gift? Given the pandemic that tends to paralyze our psyche, it is very important to always keep in mind Who Jesus is in our lives – Emmanuel – God with us.  This is God’s dynamic presence – God that journeys with us.  That is the gift of the Father to us this Christmas that should last beyond this season – the assurance of His enduring presence in our lives.  

Like the Wisemen who followed the star as they journeyed towards Bethlehem, let us allow Christ, who is the true star, the true light of the world to guide us.  May we continue to be nurtured by God’s love and grace as we embrace the promise of a better and faith-filled tomorrow.

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