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Planting Faith, Growing Faith

What is Faith Formation and what is it for?

Faith Formation is: equipping people to live as disciples of Jesus.

In his latest book, Generations Together, John Roberto reaffirms a traditional, but very rich notion that faith formation informs, forms, and transforms the person—whether child, youth, or adult—into a robust, vital, and life-giving Christian faith that is holistic: a way of the head, the heart, and the hands.

And faith formation does the very same for the Christian community as it immerses people into the particular practices and particular way of life that identifies them as followers of Jesus.

Roberto goes on to say, “While expressed in many different ways, faith formation seeks to help people:
–  Grow in their relationship with God for the whole of life
–  Live as disciples of Jesus at home, at work, in the community, and in the world
–  Develop an understanding of the Bible and their faith tradition
–  Deepen their spiritual life and practices

Here at Holy Spirit it is important to the teach the doctrine and practices of our Catholic Faith. We invite all children from first grade through fifth grade to join us in our Faith Formation sessions.

In the world we are living Faith Formation sessions will be held in person.   We invite first graders to join the process of preparation of Reconciliation/Eucharist which is a two year process. You can register below.

For more information, contact Merry Reardon at 408-997-5112 or

Children’s Ministry

Planting Faith, Growing Faith

Please note: Out of concern for the safety, health, and lives of our parishioners, staff, volunteers and that of the general public, we are suspending all Parish Faith Formation programs at Holy Spirit Parish until further notice. Please check back for further updates.


Catechesis is more than just religious education—it is a life-long journey of conversion. Our goal is to bring our children to Christ, to prepare them for the sacramental life of the church, and to help them understand the social justice implications of discipleship as we integrate prayer into their lives.

Outlined below is the Faith Formation process at Holy Spirit. For more information, contact Merry Reardon at 408-997-5112 or

Domestic Church
(First Reconciliation & Eucharist Preparation)

Here, at Holy Spirit, we use a process of Domestic Church for the Formation of our children who will be preparing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Eucharist (Learn more about what Domestic Church means here)

We have a two year process for the preparation of Sacraments and Eucharist. Your child is able to start the process at age 6 years old or older and must be at least in First Grade for year one. Registration begins now and will end at the end of September.

To Register for Faith Formation & Domestic Church:

Help Needed

We are currently in need of both Faith Formation catechists, substitute catechists, and classroom helpers. Faith Formation classes allow you to build a relationship with students because you get to meet once a week September through April on either Sundays at 10:45-11:45 a.m. or Monday afternoons from 5:30-6:30 p.m. All materials are provided and training sessions will be held over the summer to make sure you feel completely prepared for your role.

If God is calling you to share your faith in this way, please contact Merry Reardon at 408-997-5112 or

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