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This year has been a struggle for our Church as horrific accounts of sexual misconduct were published prompting additional allegations or reports from around the world. In times like this it can be challenging to process this difficult information of injustice, especially at the hands of trusted individuals.

Yet as a Diocese, I am proud of the work we have done to lead the necessary change to restore trust locally. While that work has just begun, Bishop McGrath and Bishop Cantu have been decisive in their response to be transparent and accountable. We will continue to be a leading diocese concerning how best to move forward as an organization and we will advocate for national and international standards. I have personally helped lead these efforts and I remain committed to seeing the necessary changes happen in the weeks and months ahead.

Our 2019 Annual Diocesan Appeal, Hand In Hand In Ministry, reflects the fact that our local Diocese brings people together from all walks of life through a variety of ministries and services to work together in Christ to do God’s work of justice, mercy, outreach and formation. The ADA provides the financial support of these ministries and services for all Catholics in our community.

Our 2019 ADA Goal is once again an increase over the previous year. We ask you to consider making a gift. Your gift allows us to continue to share the gospel through the many ministries in the diocese, our catechetical, liturgical, educational and social justice ministries. You make all of these good works possible and we will continue to do this because of your support of this year’s ADA. Thank you for this generous gift that allows our Church to minister to those who are most in need. Your gift can make a difference in our parish and our diocese.

Every dollar received over our goal comes back to Holy Spirit Parish and will be directed to our parish efforts to grow our local ministries like youth ministry, catechetical programs and our Growing in Friendship with Jesus. Now more than ever we need to be a strong Church that is rooted in a personal friendship with Jesus.

Now more than ever we must fight for positive change, advocate for victims, and use our deep faith in Jesus to guide us through this challenging time.

Now more than ever do we need your support for our ADA and our Holy Spirit Parish.

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