Feeding the Hungry

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Feeding the Hungry

Holy Spirit Church offers an opportunity to help those in our city who need our help. We hope you join us in this important ministry as we serve our community.

Twice per month (January through May and September through December), Holy Spirit Church offers an opportunity for six families or individuals to make sandwiches that will be distributed to those in need by John the 23rd or Amigos de Guadalupe.

There are three ways to help!


Here is how it will work:

Drop Off: All necessary items will be left at your front door between 10:30 and 11:30 AM, the Saturday before your designated pick-up day.

Important: If you do not make the sandwiches right away, take the meat, cheese, and bread out of your bin and place them in the refrigerator.

Making the lunches: You make the sandwiches and assemble the lunches in your own home. All items, including instructions, will be in the bin.

Pick Up: Assembled lunches are then placed (in the bin provided) at your front door for pickup on your designated pick-up day. The pickup time will be listed on the lid of the bin. Please place the bin on your doorstep just before the pickup time.


Here is how it will work:

Pick Up: Collect the assembled lunches from the volunteers on your scheduled day.

Drop Off: Drive the lunches to John the 23rd or Amigos de Guadalupe based on your assigned day. Deliver only the large bag of lunches instead of the bin. Return empty bins to Holy Spirit at your convenience sometime that week.

Note: You will receive pick-up and delivery contact details before your scheduled day.


Packing lunches isn’t the only way to help! We are always looking for financial support to buy lunch supplies, and we would be most grateful for all contributions. It costs approximately $375 to fund the 180 lunches we provide each month. Any amount is greatly appreciated! Donate here: https://holyspiritchurch.org/online-giving/ and choose the Lunch Ministry Fund.

Thank you for being the Hands of Christ to others through your service.

If you have any questions, please contact Carin Santikul via email at carin.santikul@sbcglobal.net.

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