Prayer Requests

Prayer changes everything

Jesus said to bring our every need before God, and He assured us that “whatever you ask the Father in my name he will give you.” (John 16:23)

Prayer is one of the greatest gifts we can give one another while physically separated for safety.  If you or someone you know is in need of prayers for any reason, please fill out the form below. You can request for communal prayers, private prayers, or mass intentions.

Please note: We have revised the form to include the option to include mass intention requests. If you have any questions, please contact Leah at

Mass Intentions

8:30am Daily Mass
8.4.20 Fr. Joe Kim (Special Intention)
8.6.20 – Bernardino Consunji †, Josie A Matson†
8.7.20 – Darwin Domingo †

Sunday Mass
8.08-09.20 – Rozalija Goricanec †, Jane Hong †, Francis Hong †, Holy Spirit Parish Community

Prayer Requests & Those in Need of Prayers

A-G (by first name)
Alan Takitani, Alex, Andy & Barb, Baptiste Lafferrerie, Barbara and Ron Carmichael, Barbara Tomlinson & Family, Carlos Garcia, Christopher Takitani, Coelita Haynes, Darlene McGinnis, David Bui, Debbie Smith, Denis McGarry & Family, Dinah Lyle, Don Bigelow, Don Del Rosario, Don J.’s friend, Donald Bufilini, Sr., Dwi, Eugene Conser, Glen Ebalo, Guzman Family

Haley Bowers, health & employment, Janet Benedetti, Jean O’Connell, Jim Lettire, Joe Lucia, Jonathon & Family, Joseph Donegan, Juan Antonio Torres, Julian Perezchica & Family, Kathy and Don Stagnaro (Anniversary), Ken and Linda Bearie, Khadijah Harden, Larissa Karr, Leandra Kinny, Lee Lejowski, Lloyd & Sharon, Lori Taylor, Lorraine Chavez, Mariolein Ciappa, Matteo & Mike, Melody Clark, Michael, Michael Van Dusen, Mike and Maureen Curulla, Nicole Kacir, Norma Preciado Burton, Pastor Thierigno, Peter Hughes & Family, Phil Springborn

Raajiv, Rakhil Manawar, Ramona Harrison, Ruben De la Rosa, Samson Sunday, Sandra, Kenya, Sandy Palodichuk, Schuyler Wu, Sengwat Sangma, Shereese Ann Clark, Steve Chacon, Shavon Wilson, Sue & Dot Deslattes, Susana Torres, Terry (Special intention), Vern Olsen, VH Jaikumar, Victor Garcia, William Pickering, all who have lost loved ones during the pandemic.

Recently Deceased

July 2020
Alicia Carrillo, David Tedys, Deacon Vicente Perez, Diana Ebue, Elidia Castaneda, Linda Holt, Monica Facchino, Msgr. Joseph Milani, Pat Lambert, Paul Consentino, Raul Aman, Tyler Hansen, Valerie Gold

June 2020
Beth Berns, Clara Morfin, Fr. Vincent Bui, Ita Reardon, Jean Marc Estival, Jim Lettire, Leroy Hale, Lois Ruleman, Maria Montelindo, Mary Elizabeth Coffey, Pat McMahon, Phyllis Kenny

May 2020
Angeles Maldonado, Ann Lucia, Bill Del Biaggio, Elidia Castaneda, John Paluk, John Pianto, Lorin Loverde, Madeline Rose, Mildred Hoagland, Paul Lounibos, Rich Perez, Robert Cross

April 2020
Bernard Lopez, Fulvio Caviglione, Jeffrey Paul Wertabeb, Jun Garcia, Kathy Nakata-Lang, Sandra Davis, Tsui To Ping

March 2020
Bertha Sukimoto, Debbie Heagan, Edward Stacy, Frank Ballabio, Greg Schowen, Jeffrey Paul Wertabeb, Jerry Lu, Nicole Conley, Regino David, Remigio Consunji, Roy Drury, Sr.

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