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Altar Serving

Altar Server Ministry at Holy Spirit Parish aims to enrich our children with true knowledge, deep appreciation and active participation with our Catholic Faith, i.e. to start young in living a faithful life through serving at the Altar of God.

At Holy Spirit Parish, Altar Servers start as early as in 5th Grade. This honor and privilege is being offered to both boys and girls who have been baptized, received their First Holy Communion, and attend Mass regularly. We give them hands-on training and allow them to shadow for the first few times until they build confidence and want to begin serving.

There are four levels of servers: Beginner Altar Servers, Altar Servers, Senior Altar Servers, and Young Servant Leaders. Every Altar Server advances to the next level by demonstrating their Learning knowledge, Serving competency, and Leading skill. For a preview of the advancement program, you can view the Altar Server Booklet here.

We appreciate all the effort that our Altar Servers put into the ministry and hope that they continue their charitable service as they grow and mature in faith to other ministries.

Our next training is on:

Sunday, September 12th
1:00 – 4:00 pm
Inside the church


Join the ministry


Questions? Please contact:
Carolina Scipioni,
Germán Scipioni,
Chairs of Altar Server Ministry

Please Help us Welcome Our Newest Altar Servers:

Matthew & Michael Castillo
Amanda Corkey
Kyla Cummings
Cashmere & Cendrick Dimabuya
Sofia Di Napoli
Marshal Durrin
Sophia Ereno
Ellek Garcia
Cian, Michael, & Tighe Gobbett
Kasia Kazmierczak
Tanner Kern
Jaedah Lao
Derik Lien
Noah Liu
Gabriella Ip
Alexandra Martinez
Cesar Montiel
Julian Montiel
Catherine Nguyen
Maybelle Rabe
Matthew Tran
Nolan Watts
Aiden Wilson
Mariana Zorilla

Thanks to our experienced altar servers who helped during the training:
Margaret & Elizabeth Chen
Nicholas & Christian Serna
Mateo Scipioni
Nicholas Zorio

Current Altar Servers’ Resources

Level 1 – Junior Altar Servers

Altar Server Quick Reference Sheet

Level 2 Altar Servers

Incense Quick Reference Sheet
Incense Reference Video

Level 3 – Senior Altar Servers

Audio of The Lamb’s Supper – by Scott Hahn
Preview of The Lamb’s Supper

Level 4 – Young Servant Leaders

Walking with God – A Journey through the Bible (by Jeff Cavens)
Catholic Answers

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