Gift of the Holy Spirit

Preparing for the Sacrament

Confirmation is a Sacrament instituted by Christ and different from Baptism. It is administered by laying-on of hands and anointing with chrism accompanied by prayer. This sacrament deepens our baptismal life that calls us to be missionary witnesses of Jesus Christ in our families, neighborhoods, society, and the world. Formation for Confirmation at Holy Spirit is a two-year process for middle school youth and a one-year process for high school youth.

For further information about Youth Confirmation, please email Row David or call 408-997-5106.

For adults wishing to be Confirmed, please email Merry Reardon or call 408-997-5112.

 Confirmation Year 1

for candidates who are in grade 7th or 8th.

Meeting Schedule
6:30pm – 7:45pm

September 8, 2021 – Parent and Youth Orientation
October 6, 20121 – What’s Your Story God
November 3, 2021 – How Do I Know God is Real?
December 1, 2021 – Who Is Jesus?
January 5, 2022 – Parent Update Meeting
February 2, 2022 – Why Be Catholic?
March 9, 2022 – Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit

 Confirmation Year 2

for candidates who have completed year 1 OR are in 9th-12th grades.

Meeting Schedule
Parents, Youth, and Sponsors
6:30pm – 7:45pm

September 22, 2021 – Parent and Youth Orientation
October 20, 2021 – Why Have I Been Chosen
December 15, 2021 – Why Do I Have to go to Mass?
January 19, 2022 – Are You Talking to Me?
March 23, 2022 – Call to Evangelize

Congratulations to the Newly Confirmed!

They did it! After years of preparation and months of waiting, our Candidates are now Newly Confirmed – fully initiated members of our church. Congratulations to them and kudos to them and their families for their patience throughout this process. If you would like to see them get Confirmed, all our Masses were live streamed and are archived at our Facebook page. A Facebook account is not needed to view them.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to register for Year 1 and Year 2.

We would like to recognize those that were to be Confirmed in the Catholic Faith this month (last names A-Z):

Sebastian Adams, Alexander Aguerria, Olivia Arellano, Lilianna Avalos, Sophie Babcock, Maya Bell, Sophia Bernard, Jake Bloyd, Dominic Bullard, Lindsey Campagna, Zoe Campagna, Joseph Caputo, Nicole Caputo, Bret Carone, Michael Castillo, Benjamin Coulter, Tyler Craig

Nathan D’Abreu Noronha, Nolan Daly , Sean Daly, Ryan De Marco, Andreea Delaney, Haley Derrick, Zachary Derse, Allison Duong, Nash Durrin, Taylor Farnum, Madison Felsoci, Gianna Flores, Claire Florio, Joachim Frey, Stephanie Goricanec, Amanda Gorton

Maverick Hamer, Nicolas Hanel, Mia Hayashi, Christian Henriques, Caroline Holm, Gabriella Ip, Jayden Javate, Kaitlyn Johnson, Aoife Keeney, Matthew Kennedy, Tanner Kern, Izzy Kolano, Emma Korycki, Brooke Labiaga, Billy Ladd, Mateo Leclair, Hannah Lewis, Victoria Liu, Briana Livingston, Ethan Long, Alexandra Lu

Jonah Maloto, Jake Martin, Olivia Martino, Alfio McGinley, Lauren Menge, Bobby Moore, Sonoma Mulvihill, Ben Narbaitz, Jack Narbaitz, Kyle Ngo, Fionn O’Neill, Dominic Panella, Luca Paschetta, Victoria Power, Henri Quattrini

Annabella Rando, Mateo Scipioni, Taylor Sciuto, Nicholas Serna, Nathaniel Shaw, Sophia Sick, Alicia Sidlow, Nico Smart, Abigail Sowers, Benjamin Steinhoff, Bethany Tate, Gabriel Tran, Natalia Vallejo, Josie Vida, Kienan Worth, Hayden Youn, Dominic Zaia, Payton Zemaitis

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