First Reconciliation & First Eucharist


First Eucharist Preparation

Preparing for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist is a very special time for your child. At Holy Spirit Parish, our sacramental preparation is a “family program” and is designed to take place “in the midst of the community of the faithful.”

To prepare for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist at Holy Spirit, we ask that your child is at least in 2nd grade and has already completed at least one full year of religious education (either in a parish program or at a Catholic school). The preparation for these sacraments is separate from the classroom and runs concurrently with your child’s second year of religious education. The program culminates with the celebration of your child’s First Reconciliation during Advent and with the celebration of your child’s First Eucharist typically during the month of May.

For more information, please email Merry Reardon or call 408-997-5112.

A Note About Photography

We understand that you want to cherish the memories of this day through photography. We also want to preserve the sanctity of this special day. Flash photography and many people taking pictures detract from the liturgy and can be very distracting to the community. To avoid this, Holy Spirit Parish has a special set of ministers who work with you, your family and the priest to photograph these memories within the holiness of the sacrament.

Our Photography Ministry will use their special gifts to capture all the moments of your child’s First Eucharist Mass. They will also take family photos and photos with the priest after Mass. Since they have worked extensively with the priest and the liturgist, they can often capture images and memories that no one else can. For additional information, please contact Walter Seepersad at 408-250-0736 or

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First Eucharist

We would like to recognize the children who will receive their First Eucharist:

Agostino, Leonardo Corkey, Carmen McParland, Siobhan Rohrer, Alexa
Amador, Claire Coyle, Elise Mendoza, Jaden Ruiz Chavarria, Christian
Amador, Genevieve Cummings, Carson Mendoza, Katelyn Savage, Sean
Arellano, Rebecca Dias, Michael Mesaros, Jacob Scipioni, Antonio
Arnett-Bravo, Angel Doppeé, Zoey Messavussu, Delali Silipin, Lucas
Avalos, Sofia Garcia-Martinez, Vania-Ixabella Mullins, Eimear Soriano, Isabella
Aviles-Zeledon, Sofia Gobok, Kaden Munguia, Eduardo Sotelo, Andrea
Baird, Ariana Gobok, Tyler Newland, Abigail Sotelo, Anna
Barton, Peyton Harms, Charlotte Nissan, Sargon Stacy, Grace
Bernard, Antoine Hensley, Ava Nissan, Shayna Steinhoff, Gabriela
Bhosale Quezada, Sara Horikawa, Kai Oseguera Palma, Mason Studer, Brennan
Bianchi, Natalie Hull, Brenden Pascual, Ella Tran, Thomas
Brennan, Dylan Jackson, Dorothy Pena, Lauren Troncoso, Braden
Buchanan, Asher Jimenez, Isabel Pietri, Giovanna Turner, Thomas
Buchanan, Zosia Kelly, Caden Pisani, Spencer Vasquez, Tanith
Bui, Landon Kennedy, Athena Pria, Alexander Walsh, Charlotte
Buszkiewicz, Andrea Kimura, Danika Aiko Raegen, Zachary Whiting, Julia
Buszkiewicz, Jorge Lattie, Henry Ramos, Alex Wilson, Elyse
Campbell, Olivia Laugesen, Sofia Richardson, Jacob Wright, Emmersyn
Carley, Benjamin Li, Isaac Richardson, Olivia Zuliani, Giordano
Coffey, Eve Mano, Regan Rogers, Caden

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