First Reconciliation & First Eucharist


First Reconciliation & Eucharist

Preparing for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist is a very special time for your child. At Holy Spirit Parish, our sacramental preparation is a “family program” and is designed to take place “in the midst of the community of the faithful.”

To prepare for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist at Holy Spirit, we ask that your child is at least in 2nd grade and has already completed at least one full year of religious education (either in a parish program or at a Catholic school). The preparation for these sacraments is separate from the classroom and runs concurrently with your child’s second year of religious education. The program culminates with the celebration of your child’s First Reconciliation during Advent and with the celebration of your child’s First Eucharist typically during the month of May.

For more information, please email Melissa Brush.

A Note About Photography

We understand that you want to cherish the memories of this day through photography. We also want to preserve the sanctity of this special day. Flash photography and many people taking pictures detract from the liturgy and can be very distracting to the community. To avoid this, Holy Spirit Parish has a special set of ministers who work with you, your family and the priest to photograph these memories within the holiness of the sacrament.

Our Photography Ministry will use their special gifts to capture all the moments of your child’s First Eucharist Mass.

Akers, Cole
Babcock, Jase
Baillie, Colton
Baratta, Micol
Benavides, Sedona
Boettner, Claire
Carr, Landon
Chardos, John Paul
Cisneros, Alyssa
Delupio, Johanna
Di Napoli, Linda
Do, Chloe
Dolen, Nico
Donati, Edward
Fernando, Kalea
Flechtner, Kekoa
Flechtner, Khalila
Gallo, Cameron
Garza, Eva
Haughney, Shaun
Healey, Anna
Huo, Ella

Ingram, Claire
Jallow, Coral
Juco, Selah
Kaefer, Elizabeth
Kazmierczak, Shelby
Kolano, Finn
Lazzarini, Elena
Lee, Harper
Leetch, Benjamin
Magolske, Stella
Marchand-Fontanez, Gabriel
Marchand-Fontanez, Natalia
Marquez, Jasmine
Martin, Lyric
Martineau, Russell
McLean, Coralette
Messavussu, Isaac
Messavussu, Kekeli
Namek, Connor
Olson, James
Ortega, Christian
Ottaway, Gwenyth

Ozdinski, Lily
Patron, Emilio
Plancarte-Nunez, Julissa
Pollifrone, Emilia
Potenza, Luca
Queen, Abigail
Rahan, Zane
Rufin, Logan
Schrick, Dylan
Sepe, Elin
Shah, Hayden
Short, Connor
Short, Hailey
Sim, Ryan
Soriano, Roman
Stoelker, Audrey
Tanto, Gianna
Torres, Damian
Van Every, Vincent
Viloria, Cailey
Vohs, Lyla
Wong, Myles

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