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Pray the Rosary in community together on Wednesdays after Daily Mass (approximately 9:05 am), beginning September 8, 2021.

Please be aware of these current Health and Safety Guidelines for gathering after Daily masses.

Please share/forward these guidelines to anyone who may be joining you.

  • Meets Wednesdays at 9:05am
  • Gathers in the seats near the Marian Meditation area
  • Masks must be worn at all times (County and Diocesan Mandate)
  • Continues to respect socially distancing of 3 feet
  • Uses hand sanitizer if sharing materials
  • No gathering or remaining after the Rosary
  • Sanitize chairs by spraying them with the Microban aerosol can (near the doors)
  • All visiting must be done outdoors
  • Rosary will be prayed outside whenever a morning Funeral Mass is scheduled

Questions? Call 408-997-5101. Thank you for including the Holy Spirit Community and the whole World in your prayers!

Prayer Partners

The Pastoral Care office receives multiple requests each day for prayers for various needs.  While names might be added to the weekly Prayers of the Faithful (Intercessions) for a short time for illness, many times prayers are needed for a longer time or require privacy.  

Prayer Partners commit to praying for specific people and their needsdaily or more often, as inspired by the Holy Spirit. As part of the Prayer Partner Team, weekly emails are received by the Director of Pastoral Care with first names only of those in need of prayer.  Ministers place their trust in God’s guidance without knowing specific circumstances while committing to dedicating specific prayer time daily for the regularly updated list. This is a mature form of prayer requiring mastery of both devoted dedication and confidentiality.   

Prayers of petition allow us to place ourselves in a position of complete trust in God, without any demands for particular outcome. Prayer does not change God and may not result in changed outcomes, but it does change us. With open hands, we become receptive to what may come and more aware of the spirit of God working in our world.  One longtime Prayer Partner shares, The prayer ministry is truly rewarding for me.  Somehow in praying for others, there is a loving calm and peace within me also.  Thank you for allowing me to participate and, hopefully, God in His way will answer all of our prayers.    

If you would like to become a Prayer Partner, or have a prayer request, please contact Fr. Edgar Elamparo  at 997-5107 or 

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