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The Fourth Sunday of Easter is also called Good Shepherd Sunday. This is evident in this weekend’s Gospel. Jesus declares: “I am the good shepherd. I know mine and they know me.”Jesus continues to say that the shepherd looks after the flock, entrusted to his care, by loving and supporting each of them.

As I mentioned last weekend, we are given an opportunity this Sunday to show our appreciation for the many priests who have faithfully dedicated their lives in service to the flock, God’s people. Because of the shortage of vocations to the priesthood, these retired priests continue to help in the parishes with the celebration of the Eucharist, Reconciliation Services, and other Sacraments. The second offering this weekend is one of the ways we can appreciate and support them. I ask that we also include them in our daily prayers. Perhaps thank them when you see them or send them a note. Just drop your cards off in the parish office and we will make sure they get them.

On a personal note, thank you always for your support and prayers for Fr. John and me. We sincerely appreciate them. Your constant words of kindness encourage us and enable us to persevere in this beautiful vocation of priesthood.

As many of you know, on the day of our ordination we, priests, make a promise to work collaboratively with the local bishop. The bishop, along with the personnel board, study the needs of the diocese to determine a priest’s assignment. Priests are assigned according to their gifts and talents and the needs of the parishes. We are privileged to have Fr. John Hoang with us for two years now. His gentle spirit, kindness, smile, and prayerfulness are some of the things he continues to share with all of us. I must say, he inspires me in those ways.

After careful discernment and prayer, the personnel board has recommended a new assignment for Fr. John to the bishop. Effective July 1, 2024, he will be assigned as the new parochial vicar at Holy Family Parish. We thank him for his ministry here in our community.

Kindly include Fr. John and all those who will transition to new assignments in July in your prayers.

In the next few weeks, we will be informed who will be assigned to Holy Spirit as our new parochial vicar.

May Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd, Mother of the Church, pray for all our priests and all of us!


Fr. Ritche

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