In YM Reflections

Art by Judy Ko

The Hebrew word “Ruach” is defined as “wind” or “breath.” In our faith, it is an important word. Ruach is the wind that God breathes on us. When God breathed life into Adam, it was the ruach that God breathed…the life-giving breath that gives all of us life. In the same way, Jesus breathed onto his disciples and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” It is the same ruach that Jesus gives us new life through the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Trinity, we are called to give this same life-giving breath – ruach – to our fellow brothers and sisters. We are called to breath life, not inhibit one from breathing. When we kneel, we should kneel as a posture to genuflect in prayer, not to pin someone down. Let us all be life-giving. Let us all breathe life to others.

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