Reverse Collection 2021

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Reverse Collection Reminder

Hello again, Holy Spirit Parishioners. This is just a reminder that the Reverse Collection this year will be running from March 8th through the April 1st. Unfortunately, we will not be handing out information slips at Mass this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so this is where any and all information on the Reverse Collection can be found.

For those of you that missed last week’s announcement, our names are Jack Werle and Nick Elliott. We are both juniors at Bellarmine College Prep and alumni of Holy Spirit School. For the past two year we have been running the Reverse Collection through the HSS parish.

To reiterate our announcement from last week, all the donations we receive will go directly to Sacred Heart Community Service Center.  Donations can be dropped off daily in the bins located near the church and on school grounds.  Sacred Heart provides many daily essentials to their customers. These essentials include daily items that are in high demand, such as pop-top cans of food, disposable diapers (size 4, 5 and 6), and men’s underwear and socks (new, sizes L, XL).

The Reverse Collection can be a Lenten family experience. During Lent, we are examining ourselves and our hearts so that we can follow Christ more closely. We have been blessed by God with so much and it is our Christian responsibility to care for others. We ask that you prayerfully consider participating in the Reverse Collection.

As we all know, there are thousands of homeless men, women, and children in Santa Clara County, and Sacred Heart offers them non-cooking bags of food that contain pop-top cans and produce, as well as bag lunches. Many homeless people walk constantly to keep moving and avoid loitering, and Sacred Heart provides clean, dry socks to make their days easier.

Sacred Heart also helps families with young children. Diapers are expensive, and customers often cannot afford to purchase the diapers that they need for their children.

Please remember these needs when you are shopping this week and thank you for caring for those in our community.

Thank you,
Jack Werle and Nick Elliott

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