The Role of Professional In-Home Care

 In Mental Health & Wellbeing

While the COVID-19 Pandemic continues, many seniors and family caregivers are experiencing the very real exhaustion that stems from isolation and the sense of upholding sole responsibility of seemingly endless challenges to health, personal and household care and maintenance.  Having a support team in place is essential for the care of your loved one and critical to your own well-being. However, physical distancing recommendations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it difficult to reach out to family and friends. Following recommendations to limit interaction with only a small “bubble” of safe contacts may add to a sense of overwhelm with no one to provide respite or support.

A growing number of families are taking advantage of in-home care to help them balance caregiving, their jobs and other responsibilities. In-home care keeps elderly loved ones safe at home, no matter where they live. Although you may have been reluctant to do so in the past, now may be a good time to investigate the possibility of hiring in-home help. Agencies are now implementing stricter infection-control precautions for their employees; they are just as concerned about safety as you are. Skilled nursing care can be provided in the home upon referral from the primary care physician. Less-costly nonmedical home care services might include:

–  Personal care and hygiene, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and assistance with transferring from bed to chair.
–  Housekeeping and laundry services.
–  Meal planning and preparation.
–  Transportation to health appointments, shopping and activities.
–  Medication reminders.
–  Socialization and companionship.
–  Memory care and supervision for clients with Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive impairment.
–  Serving as a liaison for out-of-town family caregivers to provide reassurance and peace of mind.

Professional home care can provide high-quality care for your loved one while supporting family members. Find out more information, facts and tips online at under Care Management. (Sourcewise of Santa Clara County was formerly Council on Aging Silicon Valley.)

For any concerns about the safety of aging loved ones in our Parish, contact Leah Harris, Pastoral Care Ministry Director at 408-997-5110.  In-home care can be well worth the investment if it allows family members to maintain maximum safety, security and independence for their loved one. And, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that your paid caregiver may turn out to be a caring and compassionate addition to your family’s safe “bubble”.


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