Caring For Yourself During the Holidays

 In Mental Health & Wellbeing

Despite the many joys of the Season, the holidays can add a heavy load of duty and responsibility which cause feelings of stress to soar. Caregivers, parents, and those carrying grief in their hearts are especially affected by this added stress.  The 2020 pandemic has increased our vulnerability to stress on top of it all.  So, how can you limit the triggers of stress or at the very least, cope with the stress that is sometimes unavoidable?

–  Make a to-do list/organize, then eliminate any unnecessary commitments
   –  Call upon your support network, whether local or virtual
–  Learn to say “No, thank you.”
–  Don’t aim for perfection
–  Laugh – it’s good for your body and your soul!
–  Maintain your health/diet/exercise
–  Spend devoted time with immediate family (this replenishes and alleviates guilt)
–  Remember to breathe – take deep slow breaths to calm mind and body
–  Journal and pray

Self-care is not selfish.  Throughout the holiday season, and year-round, remember to be good to yourself. Caregivers work very hard and deserve quality time to meet their own emotional needs. Only by replenishing our own reserves can we continue to give to others.

For other questions related to Pastoral Care or prayer requests, call Leah Harris, Director, Holy Spirit Church, 408-997-5110.

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