Caring for Mind, Body & Spirit during Coronovirus

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It’s common to feel stressed or anxious during what feels like this never-ending challenging time. It may be especially hard for people who already manage feelings of anxiety or emotional distress. Recognizing how you’re feeling can help you care for yourself, manage your stress and cope with difficult situations. Even when you don’t have full control of a situation, there are things you can do. Explore these suggestions for practicing self-care and the care of your family for mental and physical health:


Follow healthy daily routines as much as possible

Your daily habits and routines can help you feel more in control of your own well-being. Even simple actions can make a difference:

–  Rise early, make your bed and get dressed and get dressed in clothes that make you happy
–  Connect with loved ones om whatever way is safe for you
–  Move your body: it’s important to keep movement as part of your daily life, whether it’s exercise or light movement like stretching and making sure you’re not sitting down too long. Some ideas for how to move more: walk, stretch, dance, practice yoga, cardiovascular exercise, free exercise videos
–  Make time for breaks: if possible, take regular short breaks during work or between shifts. During these breaks, go outside and engage in physical activity if you can.
–  Practice good hygiene, especially by cleaning your hands.
–  Prioritize sleep: getting enough regular sleep is critical for a strong immune system.
–  Eat nutritious food as much as possible, especially fruits and vegetables.
–  Practice relaxing in the present moment: Prayer is an excellent form of mindfulness. Each day, seek to find a quiet, comfortable place where you can read scripture, observe your thoughts and focus on your breath. Prayer can help you feel calmer and more relaxed.
–  Do meaningful things with your free time: read, learn a new skill, create art, journal or write, play puzzles or games, take an online course, organize, garden, cook something new.
–  Stay connected with others and maintain your social networks: make sure you have the phone numbers and emails of close friends and family. Stay connected via phone, email, social media and video calls. Join a faith-sharing group at Holy Spirit! Whether in person or online, talking about our faith during times of crisis or anxiety helps us remember that we are united in Christ.

Do not hesitate to reach out for spiritual and emotional support from your parish and parish friends. Contact Pastoral Care for resources and referrals: 408-997-5110.

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