Returning to Mass

Welcome back

As of November 17th, Masses will return to outdoor, under the church portico. Masses will continue to be live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube at specific time. Please be sure to RSVP if you would like to attend mass in person so we can properly plan for the liturgies.

Due to the cold weather, one mass was added to Saturday and we will no longer offer 8am mass and 6pm mass on Sunday. Please note that the changes are temporary and outdoor seating is available if weather permits.

Monday – Friday
8:30am – live-streamed, 50 outdoor

3:00pm – 100 outdoor
5:00pm – live-streamed, 50 outdoor

9:30am – live-streamed, 50 outdoor
11:30am – 100 outdoor


Please note the following conditions are in place for all Masses:

Before Arriving for Mass
–  Arrive 15 minutes early. Mass will begin at specified times.
–  To reduce the risks, we highly recommend live-streamed masses for those who are sick or are caring for someone who is sick or are over 65.
–  If you have any symptoms and/or are not feeling well, please cancel your reservation and participate via livestream mass for the day.
–  As you wait to check in, please remain 6 feet apart from other groups or individuals.
–  Please put on your mask (nose and mouth must be covered) as soon as you exit your car in the parking lot.
–  Mask must be worn throughout the Mass.  Please note that masks will not be provided by parish.
–  Bring your own hand sanitizer to be used before entering worship space and before receiving communion.
–  Restrooms on campus are closed – please use the bathroom before coming.

During/After Mass
–  Six feet will be required between individuals or family groups and no physical contact is allowed between groups.
–  Please remain in your seat once you have been seated.
–  Please sanitize your hands before you receive the Eucharist.
–  Our priest(s) will approach you during Communion – please receive in your hands only by:
____1. fully extend your arms
____2. wait for priest to place the Blessed Sacrament in your palm
____3. Pull down your mask and consume the Blessed Sacrament
____4. Replace your mask
–  We cannot allow any congregating after Mass. The mass coordinator or usher will ask you to exit by section after mass to help ensure proper social distancing.

Sign Up for Mass

Please sign up for mass below. If anything changes, please update your sign up status.

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Outdoor Masses’ Location

The entrance is between Holy Spirit School’s Gym and classroom building, only accessible from the parking lot.

Mass will be held in the courtyard to the right of grass area on school campus. Please see map for more information.

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