Growing Our Friendship with Jesus

What Is Your Next Step?

Just take one step toward growing your friendship with Jesus.

It’s Not Complicated, Come To Church


Would you come to church if we used the magic word?

Roller Coasters Coming Soon

Would you come to church if it were like a spiritual Disneyland?

Gangnam Style

Would you come to church if we performed Gangnam Style for you?

Spiritual Fitness

Transforming Everyday Life

How can we transform the tasks of our ordinary daily life into something with purpose and intention

Have a Goal

The spiritual journey is like climbing a mountain—having goal and preparing to reach that goal will help you overcome obstacles and get to the top.

What's On Your Plate?

What we decide to put on our plate is our decision, and whatever we decide to put on our plate will determine how well our spiritual bodies are nourished

Works of Kindness and Charity

Just like you physically work out and build up muscles, so too you have to build up your spiritual muscles. Our Spiritual Fitness depends on our willingness and our commitment to being spiritually strong.

Spiritual Fitness Tips

Being Aware and Honest

As we start our journey of Spiritual Fitness, we first have to be honest with ourselves about where we’re at.

Spiritual Goals

We have to set realistic, simple goals in order to succeed.

Identifying and Breaking Bad Habits

What are the alternative paths we need to take to avoid temptation?

Good Spiritual Habits

Having a regular time and place to exercise is critical.

Spiritual Accountability

Having someone to exercise with is really important to hold us accountable.

Using Spiritual Muscles

If we don’t use the muscle, we’ll lose the muscle.

Spiritual Nutrition

If we feed our bodies good food, our bodies will be strong.

Building Spiritual Muscles

Building our spiritual muscles will help give us strength to take on all that life throws at us.

Internal and External Fitness

Don’t worry about what it looks like on the outside, but really work on the spiritual strength of your interior life.

Making the Decision

We have to make the decision to get spiritually fit, it won’t just happen without our commitment and hard work.

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