A Year of Ebb and Flows

 In Pastor's Notes-Fr. Ritche

I can’t believe it has been a year since I came to Holy Spirit as your pastor.  While it has been a year filled with challenges, there have been many things that  

made this transition to this new position rather smoothly, and quite enjoyably. Thanks for your adaptability, patience, understanding, cooperation, and very warm hospitality. 

Modern technology and social media have done their parts too.  I have met a good number of our parishioners through the coffee chats, zoom calls, and phone calls.  We continued to livestream our masses so that the home bound and those who are not quite comfortable with in-person gatherings are able to attend. 

 Our parish is very fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers who have stepped up to the plate.  Putting the tents together, setting up and taking down the chairs every Sunday, sanitizing the worship space, ushering people to their seats, washing the linens, setting up for Mass and the environment, singing and proclaiming God’s word with masks on.   

Our school went through a roller coaster of a ride. Yet our parents, students, and faculty members coped with the ebb and flows of changes in circumstances and thought about problems and tasks in novel and creative ways. Thus, we are able to continue to provide a strong academic and spiritual formation.  We ensured a healthy and safe environment for our students. Over eighty percent came back for in person learning. Fifty-eight of our 8th graders celebrated an in-person graduation on the 3rd of June.  We expect over 465 students back in the fall. 

Working with our Parish Staff gives me great joy.  They too have been very supportive through these unprecedented times. Penny Warne officially retired in March and is enjoying Florida with Brad.  Mike Ferrero, our Director of Social Ministry transitioned to retirement as well.  With those changes, the staff remains strong.  I made some adjustments to ensure that our ministries are strong and that we meet the needs of the parish.  In addition to being the Youth Director, Row David, will be overseeing social ministries as well.   

Fr. Edgar has been very helpful with the transition.  He and I along with Greg Vohs, Merry Reardon, Leah Harris, Renee Sneed, Annie Bui-Kellett, Melissa Brush, and John Kellett, continue to work together in helping and serving our community.  

I have also been working with our Finance and Parish Councils and the different organizations and committees to look for ways we can continue to find more resources to support a spirited, hope-filled, and vibrant community.  This parish is blessed with your generosity. As in the past, we will be able to put into action the visions that we have that proclaim the Kingdom of God. 

As we journey into the new fiscal year, I look forward to getting to know more of our fellow parishioners. I will embark on a listening session in the next few months – to get fresh and new ideas as to how we can enhance our ministries and move our parish forward as we completely emerge from this pandemic. May the Holy Spirit guide us and give us the wisdom and courage in making the Risen Lord present in our midst as we begin this process.

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