Rite of Election

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by TeamRCIA 

Many believe the purpose of the rite is to introduce the catechumens to the bishop, or to show the catechumens the many Catholic parishes that make up the diocese. Some seem to see the Rite of Election as the catechumens’ final choice to be baptized — a grand public declaration that they have finally decided to sign up, literally.  

The reason we celebrate this ritual is given to us in the introduction to the rite: 

“… the Church makes its “election,” that is, the choice and admission of those catechumens who have the dispositions that make them fit to take part, at the next major celebration, in the sacraments of initiation.” 

This choice is made by the Church (headed locally by the bishop) as an outward expression of the choice already made by God. Only those catechumens who are “fit”, “able” or “qualified are chosen.” 

God, through the church, is choosing those or are “fit” or “able” or “qualified”, who are able, to be disciples of Jesus. Those chosen are expected to be initiated into a life in Christ, which necessarily means of a life of mission. Before we send the catechumens for election, we must discern not if they know enough to ascent to Catholic belief, but if they are fit enough to take on the rigors of missionary discipleship. 

(for more information, please go to https://teamrcia.com/2017/01/what-are-we-doing-at-the-rite-of-election/)
Image by the Arlington Catholic Herald

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