Renewing Your Mind

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Like a painter needs their paintbrushes … every artist needs their tools to create a masterpiece … and Resilient Artists need their tools to do the same.

Here is a simple resilient thinking tool within the “in Christ” faith experience. 

1) Learn to identify stressors that started the negative thinking.2) Learn the negative thinking traps and how they impact our well-being – mentally. What are the specific thoughts making you feel trapped? Making you feel threatened?3) Learn how to reshape threats to challenges — You can challenge the thoughts with security, comfort, and strength in Christ. This is renewed, resilient thinking to acknowledge and work through it, not bypass or feel immobilized. In psychology, this process is referred to as “appraisal,” “cognitive flexibility,” “challenge orientation,” “reframing,” and others. Let’s make them simple (NOT clinical) and add the security perspective of being “in Christ.”Then, it’s practicing it … learning the art of resilient faith. 

Excerpt from Joe Padilla, Founder of Grace Alliance.

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