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Prayer Shawl Ministry donates over 50 shawls to local Skilled Nursing facility!

This Thanksgiving, our Prayer Shawl Ministry members have much to be thankful for knowing that the joy and peace that comes from giving is the real gift from God. As you can imagine, our generous Parish needlecrafters have been very busy these last eight months, knitting and crocheting, praying for others in need as they themselves journey through the many challenges of the COVID Pandemic. The beauty of their generosity was an abundance of prayers spoken in their hearts for all who suffer from illness, loneliness or grief; and with those prayers: an abundance of new shawls! 

While these beautiful works of love and creativity are normally given away for the needs of our Parish community and related loved ones, the Ministry team had collected an abundance of shawls and had no easy method of distribution. This abundance led the ladies to make the bold and generous decision to share a portion of these shawls with those in residential medical care. This week, the Prayer Shawl Ministry donated almost 60 shawls to the long-term residents of Stonebrook Health and Rehabilitation. Over the years, many parishioners have stayed at Stonebrook for rehab after illness, injury or surgery and commented on how successful the rehabilitation and physical therapy was for them. The staff continues to be caring, positive and brave during these unprecedented times. Truly, heroes work there.

The shawls will go through the facility’s strict sanitizing process and then be distributed by the staff to the longest residing patients for Thanksgiving. Each shawl will include the special prayer always attached by the Holy Spirit shawl ministers. Whether the residents understand that the shawls came from Holy Spirit Parish or not, just think of all of the cozy, faith-filled shawl hugs being given this week!

Are you wishing you had a prayer shawl to give to someone who is currently suffering or rejoicing one of life’s blessings? Contact Sandy Palodichuk at to request a shawl in a size and color that meets your needs. Know that the shawl you gift another will be imbued with faithful prayers to which you add your own when you share this ministry of love with another. What a blessing this ministry has become in this faith community of ours!  Happy Thanksgiving!

The Prayer Shawl Ministry yarn and supplies is funded strictly by the generous donation of the knitters/crocheters themselves. For prayer concerns or sacramental needs of the dying, contact Leah Harris, Director of Pastoral Care, at 408-997-5110.

Shawls being safely donated to Stonebrook Rehab Center, under the leadership of Adam (pronounced “Ah-dahm”) and her compassionate team of healthcare providers. Please include both residents and staff in your prayers this Thanksgiving!



When were these shawls blessed?  On September 24, 2020 at a “safely distanced” blessing with Fr. Ritche. The most recent Prayer Shawl blessing with our dedicated ministers!

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