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Pastoral Care

Power in prayer

The Pastoral Care office receives requests every day for prayers—for those in our parish, family and loved ones, friends and colleagues both near and far. Each request is different and each request is ardently needed and desired. While names are traditionally read weekly in the Prayers of the Faithful (Intercessions) for a brief time and written in the Book of Prayers, often prayers are needed for an extended period of time, or necessitate privacy.

Prayer Partners Ministry

The Prayer Partners Ministry for Holy Spirit Parish provides intensive confidential prayer support. Quite simply, Prayer Partners pray daily for a specific individual and their needs. The prayer request and first name only are distributed weekly by the ministry coordinator via email.

This ministry is a great volunteer opportunity for parishioners who are busy, work many hours, travel often or have health or mobility limitations. In addition, it brings great fulfillment to those who have witnessed or experienced the miracle of prayer in their life. Ministers commit to strict confidentiality boundaries and all requests are handled with care by the Pastoral Care Office.

If you would like to become a part of this spiritually rewarding ministry, or would like to submit a request for prayers, please contact Leah Harris, Pastoral Care Coordinator, at at 408-997-5110 or


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