Moving Towards a More Hopeful Direction

 In Pastor's Notes-Fr. Ritche

On August 28, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a new system that tracks Covid1-19 cases by county that went into effect on Monday, August 31st.  This is a four tiered, color coded system that tracks counties by the number of Covid-19 cases.  Purple – Tier 1 indicates that the virus is wide spread. Red -Tier 2 indicates substantial spread of the virus.  Orange Indicates moderate spread and yellow indicates minimal. This system also changed the way the state monitors counties to determine when schools and businesses may open.

Although the County of Santa Clara has been moved from purple to red, our county has directed that places of worship must continue celebrating services outdoors.  However, the good news is that congregational singing is now allowed with proper face coverings.  I have asked John Kellett, our music director to begin adding some common songs that would include the Gloria, Psalm, and Eucharistic Acclamations so that we can have a fuller liturgical celebration.

We give thanks for this great news.  Though it might seem a very slow improvement we know that we are moving towards the right direction.  Let us remain vigilant in our spiritual lives. We should never grow weary rather we must remain hopeful because we know that we have a God who is in control of everything.  We have a God who continues to journey with us.  In the midst of the darkness we are experiencing, there is indeed a light at the end the tunnel.

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