Parish Staff Update!

 In Pastor's Notes-Fr. Ritche

As we transition to a new fiscal year, I find it providential that the gospel this weekend is about Jesus’ calling and sending His “seventy-two” disciples. Biblical scholars tell us that the number seventy-two is unique to Luke. What the evangelist is trying to emphasize is the universality of God’s invitation – that everyone is called to work in His kingdom, and we are all summoned to proclaim the gospel of Christ. Luke goes on to say that Jesus, sent them two by two, meaning the ministry is shared and not the work of an individual. Jesus is fully aware that the more people working collaboratively, the better the outcome and we become more productive.

That is so true in parish ministry as well. For the past several months we have been short-handed. Some staff members retired, and some moved on to a different ministry. I am grateful to Row, Merry, Fr. Edgar, Renee, Mary, and Melissa for “holding down the fort.” They went above and beyond what was expected of them. I am also grateful to the many volunteers who helped us – music ministry team, including the many musicians, the liturgy committee, all the liturgical ministers, those who helped us in our outreach programs, picnics, and other events, the different councils, and the different ministries. Thank you for keeping our parish alive and vibrant.

To efficiently serve our parish, a few changes in staff roles and responsibilities have been made, and we have also hired a few new staff members:

Rev. John Hoang – Associate Pastor

Sally Douthit – HSS Principal

Lisa Coulter – HSS Vice Principal

Row David – Pastoral Associate for Youth, Young Adult, Confirmation and Social Ministry

Merry Reardon – Pastoral Associate for Pastoral Care, Community Building and Engagement and Spirituality

Mary Sparacino – Business Manager

Melissa Brush – Admin for Ministries

Jane Thompson – Faith Formation Coordinator

Timothy Mascarinas – Music Director (effective August 1, 2022)

Renee Sneed – Facilities Manager and Admin to Pastor (until July 31, 2022)

In the spirit of our on-going Parish Renewal Initiative, let us thank these men and women in responding to God’s invitation to work in His vineyard here at Holy Spirit. And together, let us pray for God’s guidance as we renew, respond, and re-engage to make our parish a vibrant, hope-filled, and Spirit-filled community.

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