Do You Know Holy Spirit’s Pastoral Staff? 

 In Pastor's Notes-Fr. Ritche

As we prepare to, hopefully, re-open our parish office starting Tuesday, September 7, I would like to present to you now those who comprise our parish staff and give you the scope of their ministries as they see them: 


Rev. Edgar Elamparo – Associate Pastor
Being the associate pastor, I work collaboratively with the pastor as an integral part of the Liturgical Committee to ensure that “we have a life giving and vibrant liturgy, i.e. stirring and uplifting the community’s religious zeal that would lead and engage them to fully, consciously, and actively participate in the celebration of the Eucharist.”  




Merry Reardon – Director of Faith Formation/Community Building
My ministry is to teach the faith, to walk the journey of faith with children and adults. I coordinate Faith Formation, bible study and woman’s faith groups. I teach Domestic Church  and RCIA/RCIC (adults and children who are preparing for Baptism or other Initiation Sacraments) and prepare for  First Reconciliation and First Communion. I also coordinate community building events such as the golf tournament, crab feed, parish picnic and monthly hospitality.



Row David – Director of Youth, Confirmation, and Social Ministry
I direct and lead middle school (Edge) and high school (3sixty) ministry. This ministry varies from periodic youth nights, retreats, social gatherings, and participating in various aspects of parish ministries and events. 

I am also responsible for the preparation and formation for the Sacrament of Confirmation for youth. This is done via monthly sessions, retreats, service opportunities, and involvement in other aspects of parish ministries and events. 

 Last but not least, I oversee the various outreach and services Holy Spirit is involved in. I lead and plan our mission outreach: local, domestic, and international. 



Leah Harris – Director of Pastoral Care and Spiritual Life
As the Pastoral Associate for Pastoral Care & Spirituality, I prepare and empower the parish community to care for those who are sick or suffering from loss, those with special needs, the homebound, and seniors; providing support to one another in their pain, loss and anxiety, as well as their triumphs and joys.
In addition to providing direct pastoral care, I promote opportunities for parishioners to mature and develop their Spiritual Life through prayer, faith-sharing and enrichment.
The overall goal of this role is to facilitate a community rooted in prayer, compassion, and Christian support.



Annie Bui-Kellett – Director of Community Engagement, Data Input and Communications
I work closely with the Pastoral Council to engage the community and connect parishioners with opportunities to give back their time and talents. I work with our Parish Pals as a point of contact and to welcome new parish members. I also assist with online donation, registration, and corporate matching for Holy Spirit School. I am also the parish’s point of contact for Safe Environment/fingerprinting. Last but not least, I work closely with Melissa and Mary as the parish’s communication team.  



Melissa Brush – Administrative Assistant
I am responsible for the keeping of all Sacramental records and all administrative support duties of the Sacraments. Work with Merry Reardon on Faith Formation, CLOW and Nursery.  

I’m also in charge of all bulletin communications, the communications calendar and Mass announcements.




John Kellett – Director of Music
Together with the music ministers at the parish, I provide accompaniment to the gathered assembly for each liturgical celebration.

I also work with the Liturgy Committee and Music Core Team to prepare vibrant liturgies grounded in participation and encounter with Christ in Word and Sacrament.




Renee Sneed – Director of Facilities/Administrative Assistant to the Pastor
I am responsible for the safe cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep of the parish buildings and grounds.

In addition, I oversee the day-to-day business of the parish office and provide administrative support to Fr. Ritche.




Mary Sparacino – Business Manager
I provide operational support for the Pastor, Principal and Pastoral Team and responsible for the stewardship of the physical, financial and personnel resources of the parish.  By doing so, the other ministries are enabled to function effectively, and help the church fulfill its mission and purpose.





Greg Vohs – School Principal
Mr. Vohs is the leader of the school.  He is responsible for the overall operation of our school.  He works closely with the pastor, the diocesan department of education, to ensure academic excellence and proper spiritual formation of the students.  He also works with the school advisory finance board, and parish staff to ensure collaboration with the parents and the whole Holy Spirit community.  



These are the men and women who partner with me to meet the needs of the parish.  We pray, reflect, strategize, plan and work with the parish pastoral and finance councils in making sure, that empowered by the Holy Spirit, we continue to be active disciples of Jesus Christ, seeking to grow spiritually; to be engaged in the life of the parish; to be involved in a creative, life giving and vibrant liturgy; and to serve all of God’s children. 

Fr. Ritche

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