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Dear Holy Spirit family, 

After 13 years of serving on the Parish staff, I will be returning to the role of parishioner. With your love and support, I have learned much about ministry and community. I will be taking all these spiritual gifts you have given me to work for Santa Clara University’s Division of Mission and Ministry.  

In my capacity at Holy Spirit, it has been my privilege to sit bedside with so many parishioners over the years as they prepared for the inevitable journey home to the Lord. What an honor to pray in that moment with a friend or stranger who is, in that moment, no longer a stranger. There are several members of our Parish, now in the Communion of Saints, whom I still remember daily in my prayers because the lessons they taught me about God are etched in my heart. I most especially want to thank those families and individuals who allowed me to walk beside them in their most vulnerable moments. I cherish each one of you. It has been my honor to devote my time and energy to our aging members, all who sought comfort while suffering from illness or grief, as well as maintaining connection through prayer.   

My spirituality has grown at Holy Spirit over the years and the one thing that becomes ever clearer to me in prayer is that the Divine Maker holds all of us in active suspension in the whole of his Creation. This inscrutable Mystery is the very substance who holds all our atoms together in separate, beautiful, and unique packages of his design, but also together—the substance of love that holds each of us together to one another. We remain united always in Christ, even when we are apart. 

As you may know, I’ve been slowly but steadfastly working towards a Masters in Pastoral Ministry, a practical degree to prepare lay people to become knowledgeable leaders in the Church. My classes have lit a passion in me about both sustainability and innovation in the Church. Allowing God to help me in prayer, I have decided that I would like to stretch and  encourage the next generation of young adults to believe that, with Jesus as their companion, they really can transform the world.   

The one ministry I have continued to enjoy since I was confirmed is that of lector. I turn to  scripture myself when worried or weary, grateful or elated. For me, the Word is timeless wisdom; an accessible gift from God to us right at our fingertips. And so, as I leave my role in Pastoral Care, I refer you to St. Paul’s letter to the Philippians 1: 1-11. When reading, imagine not only St. Paul’s love for his community, but also read my love for you. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you. May our hearts forever remain connected in Christ.  

With love, 

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