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Finally, summer is here! I am sure most of us are grateful for the nice California weather. It seemed like we had a long winter, but we thank God for the gift of the rain, as it gave us much-needed water.

Although summer is here and most of us probably have vacation plans, we have some work to do in the parish. Some of you might have seen the buckets at the back of the church during the rainy season. There were leaks! We have collaborated with the roofers and the diocesan facilities director hoping that we can simply patch the roof, but it has been recommended to replace the roof because this will be a better use of our resources.

The estimated cost for the new roof is $207K. I am very grateful we have the funds to do this project. Thank you for your generosity. But we will need to replenish our parish reserves so we can continue to fund the many ministries and projects of our parish.

In May, over seventy members of our community gathered to create the Holy Spirit Pastoral Plan. My hope is that the pastoral plan will help us align with the diocesan plan and guide us as we journey towards the future. The plan focuses on three priorities: worship, spirituality and formation, and families. You will find more information about the plan on our website.

How can we all help?

  1. Pray for our parish community. Pray for the plan and seriously consider being engaged in one of the priorities. Spiritual renewal is the key to have a vibrant and thriving community. Set aside time for prayer every day.
  2. Yes, we need help in funding the projects and the ministries of our parish. How can we do it? Donate to the 2024 ADA. There is still time! Before I forget, congratulations and thank you to all as we have reached our ADA goal. So, if you donate now it will go towards the rebate that the parish will receive. Everything that is collected beyond the diocesan goal will be given back to us. To date, we have received $302,522 in gifts and pledges from 362 families. Join us!

Your donation can and will make a difference in our parish. If you need a pledge form, ask the parish office or you may simply go to:

As we begin the summer season, I know many will be going on vacation. Enjoy your time with family and friends. I hope this summer is a time to rest, relax, re-energize, and renew our commitment to our friendship with God. You are always in my prayers.

Fr. Ritche

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