Holidays at Sacred Heart 2021

 In Pastor's Notes-Fr. Ritche

This weekend, I would like to share with you a ministry we have been a part of for years, Holidays at Sacred Heart. Here’s what our ministry leads have to share:

The pandemic has been especially hard on many of our brothers and sisters in San Jose this past year. The upcoming holidays add a particular burden on the ability for families to celebrate with a holiday meal and purchase gifts for loved ones. How blessed are so many of us in our parish to grocery shop and buy presents with no financial worries. But this is not the case for so many others.

How often we ask ourselves “what can I do Lord with all the suffering I see in the world?” Here’s a simple way of being present to those who need our help: Sign up to volunteer at Sacred Heart’s program this month.

Your time and hands are needed to fill food boxes with ingredients for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, stack food boxes, and help distribute food to customers for the upcoming holiday. It is truly an experience that will make your own Thanksgiving & Christmas time meaningful.

Additional spots are open to help with food packing. The minimum age requirement for food packing is 9 years old. An adult must accompany any children between 9 -13 years old. Your job may entail creating boxes, bagging produce or accepting/sorting donations. You will be required to stand and may be working outside.

Another 20 spots are open to help with food distribution. Sacred Heart has limited the age of volunteers for this service opportunity to 14 years and older. Your job may include greeting members/donors, bagging produce or carrying food boxes. You will be required to stand and you may be working outside.

Masks are required and we ask that all sign up in advance; one spot per person. Please sign up by clicking on the button below. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Jane Vitkovich at

Thank you!


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