Happy Father’s Day

 In Pastor's Notes-Fr. Ritche

In his Letter to the Romans, St. Paul reminds us that through our Baptism we have received a Spirit of Adoption that enables us to call God: “Abba, Father.” We are very fortunate to have that kind of a relationship with God. In it, we are assured of God’s protection and unconditional love. For that we say: “Thanks be to God!”

This weekend we celebrate Fathers’ Day.  We are very blessed in this community to have some great dads.  I see fathers who exhibit a God-given responsibility to be the kind of a dad God wants them to be.  I witness them taking their stewardship of their children from God very seriously.  I heard some of the children tell me how their dads teach them not only to pray, but also to put prayer into action – in simple ways like being kind, smiling, saying hello, helping others.

The definition of a father has expanded these modern times. Who we call our father is no longer limited to a biological father. Now there are step-fathers, adoptive fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, and anyone that acted as our mentor that has influenced and shaped our lives the way it is meant to be lived – with proper guidance, paternal concerns, and disciplined wisdom.

I believe you’d agree with me that who you consider as your father has also given you unconditional love in whatever stage of life you find yourselves in. And this is not always an easy task for them given the changing culture and climate of the society that we are in. Fathers almost always sacrifice their own needs and priorities to fulfill their responsibilities to their children with grace, patience, understanding and love.

Today, is our opportunity to show our appreciation for all dads.  Giving them gifts, giving them a hug, writing them a note, preparing a meal or taking them out to a restaurant are good gestures.  But let us not forget to lift them in our prayers.  Let us ask God, who is the Father of all to bless our earthly fathers with good health and protection from harm, I believe that is one of the best gifts we can give them this Father’s Day!

Blessed and Grace-filled Fathers’ Day to all!

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