“Lord, if there is Grace, then Make it Practical!”

 In Mental Health & Wellbeing

The Holy Spirit Mental Health Ministry is currently running the Family Grace small group program created by The Grace Alliance. If you are a family member, spouse, or friend of someone who is experiencing a mental health difficulty, Family Grace is for you. The program is about sharing your story – the experience, the confusion, the pain, and the loneliness. Family Grace is an empowering, grace-filled discipleship experience for personal and community growth. The Grace Alliance has only one vision and one value … “To love them well.”

This past week in our small group we worked on “Handling Problems”. We started the session reading Genesis 41:29-40, 46-49 and discussing how Joseph, instead of focusing on what seemed impossible, focused on gleaning wisdom from the Lord to execute a problem solving plan. We then learned a problem-solving technique with the acronym – IDEAS.

Identify (Dissect & Decide) – What is the problem? Dissect by identifying smaller issues and choose one issue to focus on at the moment.

Desired Outcomes (Prayer) – Determine the desired outcome to the problem and pray!

Engineer – Brainstorm different ways to address the problem, possible solutions, and the people who can help carry out these solutions.

Adapt – What are the potential roadblocks and how can you navigate around them?

Serve (Pray & Implement) Pray again for the process. Determine the first tangible step and set a realistic time frame for this to take place.

For more information on the Mental Health Ministry and our current programs, please contact Holly Salkeld at hollys1910@gmail.com.

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