Funeral Ministry

Pastoral Care

Ministry in a time of loss

Ministries in the Church often grow out of a need discovered in the community. Over 25 years ago, a new ministry was started with the goal of caring for grieving families in their time of loss. The Kitchen Angels are a group of caring individuals who know how overwhelming a funeral day can be. So that the grieving family can focus on their guests, the Kitchen Angels set up hospitality (such as preparing coffee service and beverages and serve the provided food) as their ministry gift to parish families.

The legacy of love in this parish has changed lives and brought many members back to the Faith.

If you have a gift for hospitality and care, join us! Creating a beautiful atmosphere for fellowship in memory of a departed community member is both compassionate and fulfilling. We are now forming a brand new leadership committee for this ministry so now’s the time to find out more! Contact Leah Harris at or 408-997-5110.

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