Facility Updates

 In Pastor's Notes-Fr. Ritche

Several weeks ago, a few members of our parish and school staff along with finance council members did an assessment of our facilities. This is to comply with the diocesan guidelines that each year, at a minimum, we should have the buildings inspected to identify critical needs.   The result of it was a laundry list of maintenance projects – resealing and repaving some parts of the parking lot, repair of the roof of the hall, regrouting  the courtyard, removing the dry rot in the church, and fixing the sidewalks on Redmond Ave and El Paseo.  These are just some of the items that surfaced, but these projects do not come as a surprise because our facility is getting old, naturally they need to be repaired.

After prioritizing what’s on our list, they were presented to the Pastoral and Finance Councils.  Further assessment was done and bids were taken from several companies to ensure we not only get a reasonable quote, but also a company that would do the job right.

The next few weeks, you will notice some work being done to address these issues.  The sidewalk will be fixed by the end of July, the regrouting will commence in early August hopefully the parking lot we be resealed and repaved before school starts.  However, there is a big chance that the parking lot won’t be done until next summer because of scheduling conflicts.  The other projects I mentioned will be completed throughout the fiscal year.

I am very grateful to all of you for your continued generosity to the parish.  Through your support, we are able to maintain our facilities and ensure a safe, clean, and comfortable  environment for our gatherings.

I will certainly update you as the works begin. If there are any interruptions and or adjustments of our Mass schedule, I will inform you ahead of time.

May the Good Lord bless all of us and may the Spirit guide us to the right directions to complete our projects within the established budget and time-frame. 

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