Connecting from a Distance

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Physical distancing (also called social distancing) can change how we regularly interact with others, even people you care about greatly. Safe interaction is essential for everyone to lessen the impact of the COVID-19 virus. However, there are many ways you can build a feeling of connection, even if you can’t see people in person or go places you normally would. Here are some ideas for all ages:

– Make sure you have the phone numbers and emails of close friends and family
– Stay connected via phone, email, social media and video calls: aim for at least one call a day if you live alone
– Offer to help others if you can
– Ask for help when you need it
– Share how you’re feeling with people you trust
– Regularly call, text or email with family and friends who may have more limited social contact — older adults, those with disabilities, those who live alone, those who are quarantined or at high risk because of chronic health conditions
– If talking about COVID-19 is affecting your mental health, set boundaries with people about how much and when talk you about it. Balance this with other topics you would usually discuss.
– If you are living with other people, communicate expectations about how to live well and comfortably together while staying home
– Do virtual activities together: try virtual trivia games, family history quizzes, cook the same recipe in two different houses on video chat.
– Plan virtual dinners and coffee breaks
– Meet your weekly faith-sharing group over a video call
– Tune into livestreamed mass over Facebook and chat a “hello” and a prayer
– Do at-home crafts and activities over a video call
– Watch a virtual concert together
– Read the same book or watch the same movie/tv show and talk about it
– Play online multi-player video games: get Grandma set up on a gaming console!

Being in contact with people who can relate to your experiences can be helpful. It can help you learn information, find resources that suit you and feel supported by people who understand. Your Holy Spirit Parish is a free resource of love and prayers. Our Pastoral Care staff can help with confidential referrals to mental health resources as well.

Even in these difficult times of “social distancing”, let’s stay connected through our faith and through and with Christ who is with us always!

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