Take Up Our Crosses

 In YM Reflections

It is not always easy to be a Christian in today’s world especially when we see, hear, and experience people who express hatred for others. Jesus shares that being a Christian in this world is difficult. We sometimes do not get just how startling His statement was since we live in a world where the cross is a well-known religious symbol. In His time, the cross was solely a form of execution, the worst and most painful form the Romans could think of. Paul reminds us that we are not enduring hardship for nothing. We take up our crosses to follow Jesus, but it is not just because we somehow enjoy pain — it is because we are promised a reward far greater than our current suffering. So we should be encouraged, no matter how heavy our cross is, to hold it up, with our head held high knowing that our Lord is with us. Ask is prayer not to take our cross away, but for a strength to carry it.

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