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Holy Spirit just launched our 5th domestic mission trip with our partner, Next Step Ministries. 54 missionaries from our parish traveled to San Augustine, Texas for the third year in a row in support of our long-term commitment to help the people in the San Augustine and Broaddus communities. They worked on a variety of projects from installing drywall and insulation to building porches and repairing roofs, all to improve the living conditions of the residents.

Now we would like to take our support one step further and build a house from the ground up. We recognize that not everyone can travel to Texas, but you can help by donating to our Build A House Campaign.

How does it work?

This summer, a house will be built from the ground up in San Augustine, Texas. All the labor will be lovingly provided by missionaries, so every dollar you donate will go directly to purchasing the materials needed to build the house.

Choose your donation amount and we promise to honor your generosity and use your gift in the most effective way possible. Together, we can make this dream a reality.

For more information and to make your donation, visit:


This Lenten season, give the gift of shelter!

2019 National Mission Trip to San Augustine, Texas February 17 – 23


Information meetings for next year’s trip are scheduled for October 1 and October 11 at 7pm in the Church. Those considering going on this trip are strongly encouraged to attend one of these sessions.



The Experience

Holy Spirit Parish will run its 6th annual domestic mission trip with our partner Next Step Ministries in February. We will return to San Augustine, Texas for the fourth year in support of our long term commitment to help the people in the San Augustine and Broaddus communities. By day, the missionaries have the opportunity to serve God by working to improve the living conditions of the residents. By night, the Next Step Ministries representatives and the missionaries engage in worship and team building activities to strengthen their relationship with God and each other.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the trip?

Missionaries depart the morning of Sunday, February 17th and return the afternoon of Saturday, February 23rd.

Who is eligible to participate?

The trip is open to students in sixth grade or older. Each student is required to be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. No prior experience is required. All participants must be current with Fingerprinting and Safe Environment Training prior to the trip.

How do I register for the trip?

Online registration will occur on October 24 at 6pm and close on October 31.

Does everyone that registers get to go on the trip?

Registration is limited to approximately 50 parishioners on a first come first serve basis.

How much does the trip cost?

The cost of the 2019 trip has not been finalized, but it is expected to be approximately $1,200 per person. This fee does not include Friday night’s hotel room (estimated at $125) and dinner or any incidentals purchased on the trip. A $500 deposit is due on Wednesday, November 7th. This year all payments will be made online.

Do the missionaries gather as a group before and after the trip?

The missionaries gather for two group meetings, two Masses, one reception and a reunion. Group meetings are approximately 90 minutes. Although the meetings are not mandatory, attendance is strongly encouraged because it is an opportunity to get to know your fellow missionaries as well as ensure you have all the information you need for the trip.

What are the travel logistics?

Holy Spirit Parish purchased tickets for all missionaries on the flights listed below. Purchasing a group of tickets reduces the price and ensures everyone gets seats on the flights. Unfortunately, missionaries will not be allowed to use frequent flyer miles to purchase tickets or purchase tickets on your own, but you will get frequent flyer mile credit. The cost of the flights is included in the trip fee.

Sunday, February 17, 2019
American Airlines Flight #1019
Leaves SJC at 6:10 AM
Arrives Dallas at 11:52 AM

Saturday, February 23, 2019
American Airlines Flight #1113
Leaves Dallas at 9:20 AM
Arrives SJC at 11:01 AM

Vans will be rented in Dallas to drive to the White Rock Baptist Church in San Augustine on Sunday and back to the Dallas airport on Friday.

Where do we stay in San Augustine?

Missionaries sleep in sleeping bags on cots, eat and shower daily at the White Rock Baptist Church in San Augustine. Sleeping bags and cots are included in the trip fee. (Although NSM accommodates missionaries with dietary restrictions, exposure to nuts cannot be controlled given missionaries visit home sites.)

What will we do in San Augustine and on Free Friday?

Monday through Thursday are “work/worship days”. “Work/worship days” include 6 to 7 hours of construction-type work (home builds, home additions, drywall, siding, flooring, wheel chair ramps) at homes or community sites with a project team. The rest of the day is filled with time to worship, socialize, play games or simply reflect with fellow missionaries and members of the community.

On Friday morning we depart San Augustine and head to Dallas. Friday will include lunch and a group activity. All missionaries stay in one hotel, booked by the Mission Trip Team, close to the airport on Friday night. We travel back to the airport in the vans on Saturday morning. (Friday’s lunch and group activity are included in the trip fee. Friday’s hotel room ( approximately $125) and dinner are not included.)

Why should I go?

The intent of the trip is to give HSP families the opportunity to serve God together by not only improving homes and buildings in the San Augustine community, but by showing love for the people of these communities by listening to their stories and sharing worship time. The trip presents the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with God, your parent/guardian and others in the parish.

Who do I contact if I have a specific question about the trip?

Kyle Coulter at kyledcoulter@yahoo.com

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