Youth Ministry

Encountering Christ visible, audible and tangible

3sixty at Holy Spirit Parish is a Catholic youth ministry program for high school youth in grades 9-12. It is designed to give the youth a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and help them to become disciples of Christ in the modern world.

We invite all youth and their families to attend the 6 p.m. contemporary music Mass every Sunday. We also strongly encourage the youth to get involved as a liturgical minister. After Mass, we gather in the Parish Hall for youth night–an evening of energy-filled community building and dynamic catechesis. Our youth nights fall into four categories:

  • Theme Nights: Breaks down the semester theme into sub-topics that helps to deepen the teens’ understanding of their Catholic faith.
  • Issue Nights: Focuses on current teen issues and how teens are called to respond as Catholic Christians.
  • Spotlight Nights: Utilizes mainstream media (movie clips, music videos, songs, TV shows, etc) to teach on matters of faith.
  • Social Nights: Builds community among the teens and it’s purely about having fun!

For more information, contact Row David at 408-997-5106 or rdavid@dsj.org.

Support Youth Ministry – Meal Fundraiser

Save the date! On Thursday, March 1st we are having a meal fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen on Blossom Hill at Oakridge Mall. Come in anytime from 11:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m. and mention “Holy Spirit Church – Youth Ministry.” 20% of your meal’s price is donated back. It’s an easy way to support our ministry!

Egg Roll Fundraiser

It’s that time again! The annual egg roll fundraiser is back! We will be taking orders for packs of egg rolls after all Masses the weekends of January 20-21 and 27-28. Egg rolls come frozen in packs of 10. They will be ready for pick-up the morning of February 4th,  from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the back entrance of the Parish Hall,. Don’t plan your Superbowl party without them! All proceeds to support youth ministry.

If you missed the opportunity to order at Mass, email Row at rdavid@dsj.org. Orders can be placed until Wednesday, January 31st.

3sixty Registration
  • There is a $70 registration fee per youth
  • Youth's Info

  • Parent Info

  • for 3sixty communications
  • Emergency Contacts

    Please list two additional contacts in case of emergency
  • Medical Release

    In case of an accident or serious illness, I request 3sixty High School Ministry to contact me. If they are unable to reach me, I hereby authorize them to call my youth's primary physician, indicated below, and follow his/her instructions. If the physician cannot be reached, they may make the necessary arrangements to seek medical care.
  • Support

  • i.e. event chaperones, drivers, set-up/clean-up crew, etc.
  • Parent/Guardian Agreement

    In typing my name and date below, I acknowledge that the information I have given is accurate. I agree to direct my youth to cooperate with the rules and instructions of the ministry and parish. In the event that my child consistently misbehaves and/or acts inappropriately, I agree to be contacted by the youth leader and pick up my youth from the event. If the problem continues to persist, I understand that my child may be removed from the program for the remainder of the year.
2017-18 Schedule

Winter/Spring Semester Theme: Life Issues

1/14  Dignity and Potential

1/21  Issue / Scripture Night

1/28  Praise Night

2/9-11  Winter Retreat

2/18  President’s Day Social

2/25  The Poor Have Dignity

3/3-3/4  3sixty Lock-in

3/11  Issue / Scripture Night

3/25  Palm Sunday Praise Night (tentative)

4/8  Social Night

4/15  The Weak Have Dignity

4/22  Issue / Scripture Night

4/29  Praise Night

5/6  The Marginalized Have Dignity

5/20  Senior Farewell

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